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Bush House Receives Grant Funds!

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The Bush House is honored to receive a grant award this month from the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. The grant, awarded at the WA Trust annual Holiday Party in Seattle on December 12th, provides $2,000 in funding for the restoration and replacement of several exterior doors for the 1898 hotel.

This funding follows on the heels of other grant monies and donations that the Bush House has recieved in 2013. The Index Historical Society has provided funding for the Bush House project through it’s Historic Preservation Fund – a fund that allows individuals and organizations to make tax-deductible contributions towards historic preservation efforts in the town of Index, Washington. The Bush House project applies for funding from the IHS on a quarterly basis, and grant dollars received from this fund to date have been used to purchase replica windows for the main floor of the building. Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Index Historical Society.

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