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Bush House Inn Restaurant


The Bush House Inn is well known for many things – the views, the location, the people, and the FOOD! We know that many of you have a favorite menu item from back in the day and are eagerly anticipating the day you can come enjoy another delicious slice of cobbler with your friends, enjoy drinks and a ballgame, or host a family birthday party. We’re excited too! That’s why we are currently interviewing potential chef and restaurateur candidates who will take the Bush House Inn’s historical menus, atmosphere, and customers very seriously. We hope to find the perfect match between the old and new and a team who can take the Bush House restaurant to the next level – offering familiar favorites, amazing specials, delicious holiday meals, and event catering. Keep your eyes out for our Restaurant RFP coming out this month, and if you know someone who may be interested in this opportunity please send them our way.

We are VERY excited to be working on this project and would love to hear from you.

  • What are the most important things in a restaurant that make you want to return?

  • What were some of the best features of the Bush House Restaurant you remember?

  • What specials and events would you come out for?

  • What are some things we should improve on?

  • What was your favorite Bush House meal – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert?

  • What were your favorite menu items?

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